CTRL+O Bottle Opener is Geeky Cool

I actually have a bottle opener attached to my wallet (you never know when you’ll need one) but if I didn’t, I’d consider this: a CTRL+O bottle opener, straight from the folks at Art Lebdev, known world-wide for awesomely geeky designs like the famous (or infamous) Optimus Maximus Keyboard.

The opener is available for purchase direct from the design house for about $18, but I’m sure they’ll hook up with a retailer like ThinkGeek anytime now to get it stocked and sold on American shores. Still, it’s small and thin enough that you could keep it in your wallet or pocket if you wanted to, and it’s a perfect way to always have an opener on-hand when your officemates decide to crack open a brew.

[ Art Lebdev :: Ctrl+O Bottle Opener via Thrillist ]

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