Introducing Trudi the Plush Portal Sentry Turret

Trudi Sentry Turret

I wrote about Trudi over at, but couldn’t resist mentioning her again. She’s adorable, she’s cute, she’s clearly a little baby turret, and Jonathan Guberman put so much time and love and care into her that she needs to be shared with the world.

If you’re a Portal fan like I am, you probably have a kind of love/hate relationship with the Sentry Turrets. I mean, they have so much personality, but at the same time they’re clearly trying to kill you (unless you trick them, but no spoilers, okay?) whenever you move across their path.

Still, that didn’t stop Jonathan from building a sentry turret of his very own using an Arduino, some elbow grease, and a good friend’s help. Check out the resulting video:

You can read more about Trudi and how to make a Trudi of your own over at Jonathan’s blog, Up, Not North:

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