The Worst Passwords Ever

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I love these types of articles. The same way as I was intrigued when I saw the most common passwords that users had in the database that hackers retrieved from Gawker when they were hacked, I love seeing some of the silliest passwords people have seen or used that are the most prone to hacking if someone smart enough wants their hands on that user’s data.

PCMag asked Twitter what some of those most awful passwords they’ve ever seen were, and the results are hilarious. Including such gems as “asdfhgjkl” and the ever-present venerable “password,” the list is full of good ones.

The thing that really bothers me is the commenter who thinks that “everyone knows better than this” and “most sites” require stronger passwords. Oh, you poor poor sheltered thing. If only that were the truth.

[ PC Mag :: Your Worst Passwords, Ever ]

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