Two Hours of Fighting Game Fatalities


From the horrifically offensive to the horrifically unplayable all the way up to the modern-day classic and fondly remembered, “Pixelated Blood” is a wild ride through the fighting game spree of the 1990s and all of the varied (and often terrible) titles that were produced during the period.

Some of the games are more modern than that – titles like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear, but a lot of them, like Clayfighter (shown) and the tour we get through Mortal Kombat as it goes from a normal fighting game and somehow – near the end of the series – morphs into something ridiculous, silly, and cracked out, are just hilarious to watch or groan-worthy. Some of these titles (like Kasumi Ninja or TimeSlaughter for example) will make you wonder who the hell actually paid someone money to make this crap, and some of them (like Hokuto No Ken) will make you say “holy crap they made a video game out of Fist of the North Star?”

Anyway, if you’re as much a fan of fighting games as I am, you’ll love this video, 2 hours long or no. Watch the first couple of minutes to get to a list of the games that are covered in the video – the list is actually a menu, and you can click on any game’s title to skip right to that part of the video and start from there.

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