Video :: The Secret World Trailer – GDC 2011

So this trailer for an upcoming MMO called The Secret World was unveiled at the Game Developer’s Conference earlier this month, and while at first blush it wouldn’t look terribly interesting, the trailer video belies an incredibly interesting concept. The game does away with classes and levels entirely, and removes progression paths in order to create a truly open, user-customizable, and free-playing character experience.

Your character can do anything in the game, and isn’t restricted any specific manner – you can be good at lots of things, a master of one thing, or terrible at anything, and it’s likely that there will wind up being paths to excellence in certain areas, but I like the notion that you’ll be able to do anything the game offers.

The trailer is really solid, and the commentary from the developers and designers is exciting. You get to join one of three secret societies and experience a massive storyline that stretches around the modern world and experiences the natural, the technological, and the supernatural.

What do you think? Does The Secret World sound like the kind of MMO you would play? Leave us a note in the comments.

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