DodoCase Unveils iPad 2 Cases

DodoCase Special Edition

If and when I finally cave in and buy an iPad, I’ll want a DodoCase to keep it protected wherever I go. Not only are they some of the best cases you can buy to protect any generation of iPad from harm, but they look like books! They’re all handmade with quality components, fold open to give you access to the ports of your iPad and let you use it while it’s protected, and they even work as an iPad stand if you want to just prop it up and watch a video.

Now, DodoCase has trotted out brand new designs for the new iPad 2, including a tasty-looking special edition that will only be around for a limited time (shown above, courtesy of Crunchgear.)

The limited edition is definitely pricey, weighing in at $90, and the regular edition for the iPad 2 is more affordable but still not exactly cheap at $60. Admittedly though, are you really going to spend at least $499 and at the very most $829 for a device that you can’t spare $60 to protect in both style and substance? I didn’t think so.

[ DodoCase for iPad 2 Special Edition ]
[ DodoCase for iPad 2 ]

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