The Red Cross’ Twitter Faux Pas


Just because the Red Cross is a non-profit organization doesn’t mean they can’t have a little fun sometimes! And since I tend to pay a good bit of attention to social media and social media campaigns, I noticed when the folks at the Red Cross made this little mixup with their Twitter account. The result? The above image.

Anyone who’s ever managed multiple Twitter accounts or been responsible for an “official” Twitter account as well as their personal one can empathize with what the folks at the Red Cross had to deal with – and since nothing on the Internet these days is as simple as deleting the offending tweet and moving on, they deleted the tweet, made sure to tweet that there was an error in the first place, and then move on. It’s also worth noting that a couple of breweries (including Dogfish Head!) stepped up with some donations shortly after the faux pas!

Honestly, their reaction was the best way to go about it – by acknowledging the error they didn’t try to artificially wipe it away, and they wound up garnering positive reaction from their community. After all, who wouldn’t have laughed and offered to join in? #gettngslizzerd

[ Red Cross Blog :: Twitter Faux pas ]

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