50 Awesome and Creative Web Designer Workspace Setups

Luke Whitson - Workspace

I’m one of those people who always loves to stare and drool at other peoples’ workspaces: especially if they’re shiny and well put together. Every now and again I stumble on a blog entry like this one – it’s a bit old, but it has a massive list of amazing workspaces from web designers and developers that I can scroll through, drool over, and ponder possibilities for my own setup at home and at the office.

Among them? One Luke Whitson’s workspace, shown above – but it’s hardly the only one, this piece has fifty different workspaces, some of them practical and some of them clearly ornamental. Some of them look like they’d be good in any home office, and others are clearly destined for organizational magazines and furniture catalogs.

Regardless, head over and take a look – and let me know which one is your favorite! Leave a comment!

[ 50 Awesome and Creative Web Designer Workspace Setups ]

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