CES News :: GM Bringing OnStar to Any Vehicle

If you’ve always wanted OnStar – you know, voice activated dialing and turn by turn directions (sure, you could just get an Android phone for that) as well as crash notifications to police and medical authorities, the ability to call someone to unlock your car remotely if you lock your keys in it, the ability to slow your car to a stop and alert authorities to its location if it’s been stolen – and everything else OnStar provides without having to buy a vehicle from General Motors to get it, now’s your chance.

PC Mag Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff surprised me and I’ll bet a number of other people on his Twitter feed this morning with this little video that brought the announcement that OnStar is planning to provide an after-market product to virtually anyone who wants it that will give them OnStar features regardless of the car they’re driving.

It remains to be seen whether or not all of the features – especially remote unlock and start and vehicle diagnostics – will be available with the special kit, but OnStar promises most of the other features like crash response and voice assisted driving directions will be available.

[ PC Mag :: OnStar to Offer Service in Non-GM Cars ]

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