PC Mag :: The Best Tech You Can’t Get (2010)

White iPhone 4

I adore articles like this: over at PC Mag, there’s a great roundup of some of the best technology you simply can’t get on the market here in the United States, or that you can’t get anywhere. Notably absent from the list is the mythical white iPhone 4, shown above, which people have been waiting so long for – but it makes sense since the article centers around technology items that you can actually get elsewhere in the world if you go to the right places.

Some of the names on the list you’ll probably know? Spotify, for one – the GrooveShark-ish streaming music service that’s all the rage overseas, a Lenovo smartphone with looks like a feature phone, a number of interesting netbooks like a dual-screen model, and more – head over to PC Mag to see the whole list!

[ PC Mag :: The Best Tech You Can’t Get (2010) ]

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