Sexy Star Wars Themed Bathing Suits Bring Out Your Inner Geek at the Pool

star wars swimsuits

I already covered this over at Gearlog, but I simply couldn’t resist showing it off again, mostly because the swimsuits are definitely geeky, definitely sexy, and frankly, they’re too good to not show the world in as many places as I can. I’m seriously even considering highlighting them over at The Classy Geek.

Anyway, here we go:

Australian designer James Lillis has become something of a minor celebrity after word got out that he designed two one-piece women’s bathing suits sure to turn the heads of Star Wars fans the world over. The two swimsuits, one with Darth Vader’s head and a rainbow passing through it and appropriately named “Darkside,” and the other all-white with blue patterns on the front and back made to look like R2-D2 and called “Artoo,” are $85 US and available now.

Lillis told ninemsn that he’s been backlogged with the thousands of orders placed in the past few hours, but orders are still open. No word yet on whether or not George Lucas is taking a cut of those sales, or how long they’ll be available to order, but if they vanish all of a sudden there are plenty of other geeky clothes in Lillis’ collection, including a swimsuit with a galaxy painted across the front and back and a variety of Star Wars themed t-shirts in his RedBubble Store.

Seriously, even if these swimsuits aren’t for you, some of the designs in his RedBubble store are pretty amazing. I pointed out that there’s no word on whether Lucas is getting a cut of the sales, but considering how long he’s been around, I sincerely hope he is, otherwise Lucas will come down on the poor guy like a ton of bricks. I’d hate to see these – and that model – vanish from the Web because of something like licensing issues.

[ Gearlog :: Sexy Star Wars Themed Bathing Suits Bring Out Your Inner Geek at the Pool ]

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