Danny Choo’s Worldwide Workspaces!

Danny Choo - Worldwide Workspaces

The photo you see above (glorious or terrifying, depending on how you feel about all things anime and about figures and ball-jointed dolls) is from the desk of one Danny Choo, a man who has made a life out of his passions: technology and Japanese culture. Recently, on one of his sites, figure.fm, he held a call for submissions for the newest Otacool magazine.

His call for submissions is much like the call for workstation submissions over at The Classy Geek except I’ll be giving away prizes there, and Danny is highlighting the best workstations in the magazine.

That being said though, I’m always a huge fan of workstation photos, and because I’m into anime and manga and such I get special joy out of seeing all of the photos in this thread and bouncing around to some of the linked threads to see more of how people have their home, office, or home office workstations all set up and put together. Best of all, I get some inspiration on how I’d love to have mine set up!

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