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Apple iPad

So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, the Apple iPad was released last week, and it’s been the talk of not just the tech world, but actually of many major news outlets. Because I adore the crew at PC Mag, I’ll give props to their full review of the Apple iPad, which is critical but overall finds good things about the product and that – as I figured – it’s an excellent launching point for an industry.

Admittedly, I was skeptical of the product when it was announced, but like with many Apple products, once it’s out and available and people are using it, it becomes more attractive just as you see the possibilities when others use it and third-party developers start building applications and useful tools, utilities, and games for it. So far, the iPad has been a ridiculous success, selling over 700,000 on launch weekend, and so far almost all of the reviews have been positive.

But it’s not the launch of the iPad I really wanted to cover – it’s really the story of one analyst at PC Mag who I know and trust personally, Zach Honig. He made a point to be mindful during his first 24 hours with the iPad, and jot down his thoughts and feelings about the device and using it as almost a laptop replacement. His results? Mixed, of course – the iPad really isn’t a full-on laptop or desktop replacement, but for most things it really can keep you more mobile than your desktop computer and less hassle than your laptop.

Head on over to read all of his thoughts:

[ PC Mag :: Apple iPad and Me: The First 24 Hours ]

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