Hands On with the iMojito from Malcolm Fontier!

iMojito Package

If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of products that do more than one thing; solve more than one problem. If you know me you also know I’m dead set against bulky belt-clips for mobile phones that do nothing but make your precious phone easier to steal and let the world know what kind of device you have. Seriously, I even wrote an article over at our sister blog The Classy Geek about the fact that if CES 2010 taught me anything, there’s no excuse to walk around with a belt clip for your phone.

To that end, the fine folks at Malcolm Fontier were kind enough to send me one of their newest products, the iMojito, a combination wallet and mobile phone holster, that’s designed to not only be stylish, but also keep all of your important items like your phone, your ID, your credit cards, and a little bit of cash even, securely tucked away in your pocket without looking like you’re carrying a massive weight in your pants pocket. I really liked the iMojito, and I’d reccomend it not just for people who have iPhones, but anyone who’s tired of carrying a mobile phone case and a bulky wallet and wants to lighten their load. Read more of my impressions behind the jump.

iMojito with Cards

I carried the iMojito around with me for a couple of weeks to get the hang of it, and once I was over the feeling of missing my wallet in my back pocket, I found the iMojito to be remarkably useful. I can easily see myself becoming one of those people who carries around their phone and their cards in the same case, and I’ll freely admit that having your phone in the same carrying case as your credit cards and ID make it much less likely you’ll leave it in a rental car or a cab when you grab your stuff to leave.

The iMojito has a soft fabric interior where your mobile phone goes, and durable polyurethane exterior that has a smooth feel. (Meaning it feels smooth like leather but without that whole dead animal skin thing going on.) It’s designed for the iPhone, so if you slip your iPhone (or in my case, for a while I used it with my iPod Touch) into the iMojito, there’s an opening at the bottom for your dock connector. This means you can plug in any peripherals you may use while you’re traveling like a car kit or an FM receiver or transmitter without taking your phone from its case. When I used the iMojito with my iPod Touch, I just left it in the case while charging it on my desk at the office.

The black finish on the exterior is actually really attractive, and the blue stitching of the Malcolm Fontier logo rectangles on the front adds a nice modern design feel to the case. It would have been easy to leave them off and let the case stay bland black, but with the stitching added it just looks classy.

iMojito with iPhone

I don’t have an iPhone; I actually have a Motorola Droid, but I found the iMojito worked just fine for that as well. The soft interior protected the screen nicely, and there’s an elastic band at the top that you pull over the top of your phone once it’s in the case to hold it securely and keep it from slipping out.

The iMojito held my phone and my ID and debit card easily, and I had plenty of room to add another couple of cards if I needed them or if I wanted to carry my credit cards around with me. The rear of the iMojito has three pockets cascading down the back that you can use to carry your cards and cash.

I found myself using the top two since they offered the most protection for cards and bills, but I liked the fact that all three pockets were placed above the middle of the case: this means you don’t have one or two pockets that are actually useful and a pocket at the bottom that’s so shallow you don’t want to put anything in it. The iMojito’s pockets are all deep and tall, so you could store credit cards or bills in any of them without worrying they’d fall out.

It’s important to note though that the iMojito doesn’t have the same volume as a traditional billfold wallet. Don’t expect to carry your ID, your benefits cards from work, your grocery store club cards, your photos of your kids, and everything else in the iMojito. If you have that much stuff in your wallet, stick with it, and snag the iMojito when you’re about to head out or a night on the town and want to carry your phone and your ID and a couple of bucks but nothing else. If you travel light on a regular basis, it’ll suit your style perfectly.

All in all, the iMojito is a great case for your mobile phone, whatever it may be, and it’s even better if you own an iPhone. It feels solid in the hand, it’s easy to get in and out of your pocket, and it’ll keep your phone safe and your cards in one place. It’s not the biggest case or combination wallet/phone holder out there, but the up side to that is that you can slip it in your pocket without everyone wondering why you have a brick in your pants.

You can snag one of your own directly from Malcolm Fontier for $35 USD. They’re available now.

3 thoughts on “Hands On with the iMojito from Malcolm Fontier!

  1. sjon

    I wonder whether they make one with a belt-clip ^_^

    No, serious. I hate to put stuff in my pant pockets, it get’s crushed in a backpocket or it crushes things in a front pocket.
    I don’t like most beltclips though. They only have room for the phone so I need something else to carry my cards and licences. An iMojito (with a clip) would solve all my poblems.

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