Kensington Launches World Record 256GB USB Flash Drive

kensington dt300 256gb usb drive

If you’re looking for storage and portability, who needs a clunky USB hard drive that requires an external power supply? If money is no object, Kensington recently released what they’re dubbing the “World’s Largest USB Flash Drive,” the DataTraveler 300, weighing in at a remarkable 256GB, all on a USB flash drive that looks as big as USB flash drives did about 5 years ago.

The drive is currently only available in Europe, and even if you wanted one it’s ridiculously expensive: almost $1000 US. If you have the cash for something like this, you probably already know how to go about getting one.

That being said, Kingston is already playing down the possibility that people will carry their resumes and a few of their favorite songs around their neck on this thing – the company claims this is for serious data storage and is designed to replace reams of CDs and DVDs or entire media libraries.

While I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea of my entire music collection living on a USB flash drive, I can see the draw here – imagine an IT professional who can carry not just one but their entire array of supported operating systems, tools, and even whole disk images on a single USB key, or the musician who can carry one device with all of their original tracks, edits, and recordings in their pocket? Maybe the video editor who never deletes anything and has a desk full of power-sucking external hard drives can use this one device instead. I think those are Kensington’s target markets – and they’re right about one thing: it’s remarkable how far technology has come in such a short time.

[ Cult of Mac :: Kensington Launches World’s Biggest USB Thumb Drive ]

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