The 100-Decibel Alarm

the hundred decibel alarm

If you have something that you absolutely, positively must keep chained to one place, whether it’s your bike or your laptop, the 100-Decibel Alarm might be just the item for you. Perhaps you’re worried about your luggage when you travel, to make sure that thieves don’t steal it, or prying eyes don’t end up in your suitcase (just don’t hold me responsible when some TSA agent decides to “inspect” your particular luggage!).

The alarm is pretty simple, it’s your typical combination-based cable lock, and you can lock and unlock it using a combination of your choosing pretty simply. There’s a huge red sticker on the front announcing that it’s a 100-decibel alarm, which will hopefully be enough to scare off any would-be thieves or cable-cutters, but if the red sticker doesn’t warn them off, the ear-splitting alarm will when they cut the cable or try to break the lock open. As soon as the cable is cut or the lock is forcefully opened, the alarm goes off, and won’t stop. How you make it stop once the evildoer has fled and you’ve retained your property, I’m not sure. Either way, the 100-Decibel Alarm retails for $25 US from Skymall, and they’re available now.

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