Amazing Dual Monitor Mac Setups

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Over at Glenn Wolsey’s blog there’s an amazing top-ten list of multi-display Mac setups that take the cake- offices that I could only wish my office looked like. The setup above is only one of the many many photos on the page, most of which are credited and linked to flickr streams that contain many many more photos of the owners’ home offices and computer setups. A lot of them need some serious cable management, but honestly, when you have things like industrial LEDs (one of the setups does) backlighting your desk, you don’t have to worry too much about that.

Between the amount of money some of these folks have spent on their computers alone, much less their desks and offices combined, I’m only partially surprised that some of these offices are as swanky as they are. Now if only I can manage to duplicate the process with some DIY spirit, some hands-on craftswork, and a couple of bucks…

[ Glenn Wolset :: Top 10 Multi-Display Mac Setups ]

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