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(image courtesy of 43 Folders)

Ejector is a little Mac OS X only application that, when running, sits in the menu bar and provides a kind of one-click point to eject your network drives, attached USB or Firewire drives, essentially all mounted media, all of it in one click of your mouse. Don’t need to eject everything at once? Simply select the item you want to eject. Definitely beats clearing space on your desktop and dragging the items in question to the trash (or using Expose to do it, especially if you have several drives to dismount) and saves a little energy, I think.

Personally, I tend to keep something like three or four network drives, a USB key, and sometimes a firewire drive attached to my MacBook Pro, and then sometimes a CD in the drive-it’s nice to have something right up there in the menu bar that can help me take care of those things, or just eject them all when it’s time to bail from the office at the end of the day. Very nice.

[ 43 Folders :: Ejector: One-click ejects all mounted media ]

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