Many IT Professionals Feel Traumatized by the Daily Grind


I can attest to this article being fact. I don’t know if I’d say “traumatized,” since that’s a pretty harsh word, but I can definitely say there have been some days (like today) where I wonder if I’m not slowly losing my grip on sanity, and it looks like I’m not alone by any means. Turns out that a vast majority of technology professionals understand how I’m feeling, and I get what they’re thinking. The reasons for why technology professionals feel this way are multifold; partially because technology consultants, administrators, support staff, and workers are in many cases viewed as “white-collar janitors” by many people, and because they’re only called upon when something is either broken, wrong, or needed by people who can’t do it themselves, they’re often treated horribly by those who call on them. Additionally, technology is often tossed at the bottom of the corporate ladder, with the least in the way of resources and equipment, but having to deal with people who have the best equipment and resources but need their help to make it work; technology is percieved as a “service” industry, to be treated as such, often with little more respect than is commonly seen in retail or other service professions.

The article, however, has some good points as well, beyond my own personal experiences-including how our society has cultured a constant and neverending 24/7 marketplace, a workplace where hyperactivity and hyperproductivity are rewarded, and the scourge of impoliteness in our offices and workplaces. I agree with all of those points, but would definitely toss in my own; as long as technology workers are supposed to behave in a “customer focused” and not “task focused” mindset, and are expected to cowtow to those who call them and allow themselves to be walked on, then technology professionals will always feel downtrodden and ill respected. Until then, I can only support my colleagues and hope we can all find some measure of reprieve someday, either in the form of therapy, or a promotion away from the stressful positions that many of us find ourselves in.

[ St. Louis Today :: Many IT Professionals Feel Traumatized by the Daily Grind ]

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