Who Are You Calling “Pirate”?

CEA ad

The Consumer Electronics Association [ http://www.ce.org/ ] has launched a pretty bold ad campaign against the RIAA and its demands on both their customers (in telling the average person what rights they do and don’t have with content that the customer owns, and their campaign to steadily draw back and down the rights and freedoms the everyday person has to use and enjoy the media and content that they’ve purchased) and on their members. (in demanding that consumer electronics manufacturers impliment and use varying DRM standards, applications, and technologies, by pressing on electronics companies to bend to their irrational campaign to demonize their customers without working with them to develop those technologies and work on standards)

It’s about time the RIAA learned the difference between what a pirate is and what a pirate isn’t, and families who don’t own computers aren’t pirates. 12 year old girls aren’t pirates. And it’s about time the RIAA stopped oppressing and harassing their customer base in the name of “protecting” their content and then whining when their customers don’t shell out like they used to, and instead start producing content that people want to consume and giving them the options they want as far as consuming it. But that’s just my opinion. Apparently the CEA agrees, although in their own words.

The ad is running in two Capitol Hill publications today, and will hopefully attract the attention of both RIAA lobbyists and lawmakers on Capitol Hill who are currently debating hot-button issues like copyright reform, the DMCA II, and so on. The full sized ad is linked at the EFF link below.

[ EFF :: Who Are You Calling “Pirate”? ]

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