Gundam 180-Degree Arcade Machine

gundam arcade machine

I saw this over at Kotaku [ ] today and had to say something about it, if for no other reason than the arcade machine is incredibly cool. The death of the arcade has been long upon us here in the United States, but over in Japan, the arcade is still king and kids at home with consoles consider themselves “training up” to go and demolish the competition at the local arcade. Well, in this case all I can do is pray that some of these make their way stateside to the more adult-oriented arcades (not like that you pervs) like Dave and Buster’s and Jillian’s that buy stuff like this up. Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he? (Honestly, there’s little to no chance we’ll see this in the States.)

Anyway, the game is called Kidou Senshi Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna, and yes, I’m a Gundam fanatic. Hey, a boy loves his giant robots, ever since my first Transformers toy I was smitten by the notion, and this particular game goes a long way to prove that even the most complicated of giant mecha can be controlled with two joysticks and foot pedals. The machine is complete with a screen that’s physically larger than the person who’s seated in the machine, and they use the combination of joysticks and foot pedals to control their Gundam and blow enemy Zakus to oblivion.

Regardless, the price tag is pretty steep for these devices, so there’ll only be a few in each arcade, but Namco is networking them across Japan, so I imagine there’ll be some hot multiplayer action between a teen in Tokyo and a bored college student in Okinawa. I, for one, would love to sit in one.

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[ Insert Credit :: Senjou no Kizuna location test ]

[ Kidou Senshi Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna :: Official Website(Japanese) ]

5 thoughts on “Gundam 180-Degree Arcade Machine

  1. Raevyn (Aka The Girl)


    I’m with you on the deep desire to have one of these games shipped to the Sates, but sadly I think that Americans have abandoned that concept of the arcade and while they are fun, Dave and Busters and Jillians are, I think, Nostalgic relics for folks like us. As soon as the money goes, they go. Alas.

    That being said, I really wnat to play this game.

    Perhaps a trip to Japan is in my future.

  2. Mac Cavanaugh

    Unless you got 20000 dollars then you can get one. Other wise start applying for some loans. I would love to play this game at any arcade to actually be able to play like its real is like a dream come true you know. Man I really want to try that thing out. i mean if only the comp. would do a lot more research in holographic technology we could create a paradise and not have to get on a plane to go to that place. i know it sounds sci-fi but it could be done, every one wishes at some point that they could do something like what the games have and all. Take this game for example many people wish that they would try and build a Gundam that works and is life size. The say they find out how to do that will be the greatest day for technology.

  3. Michael

    Mac, you could possibly implement the arcade into the Gundam. Then you will really have a true Gundam model. Just wish they would release it in the USA. I know a few good places to test the profits on it. Even if it with the DoD.

  4. Max

    I actually played these things while I was in Japan a couple years back. The game is hella fun, but the price per play is ridiculous: Â¥500 for two rounds! That’s about five dollars for less than 20 minutes of gameplay!

    Plus, you have to pay to have your card made (which you use to upgrade your mobile suit, change suits, customize weapons, etc.)!

    Still, if you have the money, it’s well worth it. This game is great.

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