Build It: The Ultimate Game Room

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image courtesy of PC Magazine

I saw this in the print edition of PC Mag earlier this week, and lo and behold they put the instructions and all the informaton online for the masses to consume! So get this, using a space of about 16 feet x 12 feet, you can put together the ultimate gaming room, complete with consoles, game server, four PCs networked together to play against one another, and if you have more space to use, you can add as many computers as you like, and PC Magazine shows you exactly how to do it, where to set your gear up, what stuff they used to make the ultimate game room just what it is, and even links you to the special software they designed to run on the game server that runs the scoreboard that’ll give you up to date stats on who’s winning the current round of whatever game it is you’re playing.

This is probably one of the coolest DIY home projects I could think of, and sure it’s expensive if you’ll be buying all new components for the computers you’ll be using and whatnot, but PC Mag has it down, everything from the stylish and quick-response LCD monitors at the game stations to the surround sound speakers for that shiny TV that’ll be in there connected to that XBox 360 we know HAS to be in there!

The plans, the gear, all of it’s in there, so either take it as a literal buying and building guide for your ultimate game room, or take it as a template and design your own!

[ PC Mag :: Build IT: The Ultimate Game Room ]

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