Ars Technica Reviews the Intel Mac Mini (Core Solo)

mac mini

Ars to the rescue again! Hot off of it’s lovely MacBook Pro review that I mentioned in the last post [ ], Ars Technica comes through for us Intel-mac fans again with a hot new and complete review of the just-released Intel-based Mac Mini, released by Apple at its February 28 special event, along with the new iPod Hifi [ ] and some hot new leather iPod cases. The media was underwhelmed, but I say that’s what you get for hyping the hell out of an announcement from Apple. Then again, Apple does live off of that same kind of hype, so all bets are off.

Moving on though, the Ars review highlights some of the significant differences between the PowerPC Mac Mini and the Intel Mac Mini, including the disappearance of the modem on the back, the addition of two USB ports to the back, and IR port on the front, and audio-in jack, and more! Benchmarks included, and a full on conclusion with a pretty good rating at the end of the article. I just might pick one of these things up, to be honest.

[ Ars Technica :: Mac mini (Core Solo) ]

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