Linkology: The World’s 50 Most Oft-Linked Blogs

The number of blogs on the web is growing exponentially, and everyone knows it. But here’s the kicker; there are about fifty or so that are most often linked around the web, and an interesting web of relationships ties a lot of them together. From the blogs of Gawker Media [ ] that includes blogs we love like LifeHacker [ ], to the extremely personal stories of Dooce [ ] to the liberal political blog DailyKOS [ ], similar relationships abound between the most often read and linked to blogs on the net, and now someone’s bothers to put the relationships together into a tidy little graphic.

Sorry, Gears and Widgets isn’t on the list, but maybe we will be someday! Here’s the story, the entire list, including a nice infographic PDF that you can print out if you like the list:

[ NY Mag :: Linkology – The World’s 50 Most Often-Linked Blogs ]

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