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Gears and Widgets is a geek blog. Seriously! We’re all about tech here; tech news, tech commentary, new gear, gadgets, first looks at goodies on the horizion, all of it. We’ll bring you product reviews, articles and tech news, interviews, gear and gadget announcements, and we’ll cover topics from pc and console gaming to awesome websites, from the newest media players to virus and security alerts, from tips and tricks to the newest innovations by major tech companies.

Our goal is to stay on top of all things technology, but to bring it to you with the flare and the feel that only a true geek can while at the same time communicating it to you in a way that even the most non-tech inclined folks can understand, apply to their lives, and enjoy. Stick with us kids, we’re going places!

For more information about us, take peek at our about us page!

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