11 Gadgets to Keep Your Desk Organized

Right now the cables on my desk are driving me nuts. Well – it’s not that bad, but they’re definitely untamed, and I’m looking for ways to get them under control. Part of it is that I just moved my desk around and rearranged everything, but there’s plenty of room for improvement, and GigaOm has a great list of gadgets and gear that I could use to get things on my desk under control (or I could just go wireless, but that’s a different matter entirely.)

AppleCores, shown above, do wonders for helping spool and manage your cables and keep them on your desk where you can actually use the slack and unspool it when needed. There are also Cordies Cable Organizers, from Thinkgeek, which also do a great job of keeping your charging cables and USB cables and such organized and not falling off the back of your desk.

The GigaOm article highlights some other great charging stations and stands for your iPhone or iPad, but some of the cable organization are the best, in my book. Head on over to see all of them!

[ GigaOm :: 11 Gadgets to Organize Your Workspace ]

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