PC Mag :: Going on a Digital Diet

Should you go on a “Digital Diet?” Do you spend waking hours refreshing Twitter or Facebook, reading friends blogs constantly and then commenting on each post even though you know you don’t have anything meaningful to say? Do you think that a quick Facebook “Happy Birthday” or a note left on a friend’s wall really constitutes meaningful communication with that person?

Yeah – you might need a Digital Diet – or at least you might need to step back and reconnect with the people that really matter to you with the technology that you actually want to use instead of the technology you feel obligated to news.

PC Mag Editor-In-Chief Lance Ulanoff debates the question himself in an editorial, and I have to agree with him: maybe a full scale diet isn’t in order, but there are definitely some tips in the book that everyone can use.

[ PC Mag :: Could I Go on a Digital Diet? ]

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