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Carbon Fiber Mousepad

There are a lot of things that carbon fiber is good for. The fuselages of jet fighters, lightweight bicycles, race cars, but how about as a mousepad? Or an iPhone case? Over at Unplggd, the crew there thinks that carbon fiber can play a much bigger role in personalizing your gear and customizing the things you use every day – and plus, it even comes in multiple stylish colors and designs to help you add a personal flare.

All this and it really doesn’t weigh very much. I mean, it is carbon fiber, after all.

The real question though is how much carbon fiber actually costs. I don’t think it costs very much at all to obtain in pretty decent quantities: but in the long run it’ll probably do well to save you some dough if you’re looking for an easy and colorful way to make your gear really stand out. Thankfully they have some links to help you get started if you want a nice carbon fiber cover for your MacBook Pro:

[ Unplggd :: Accessorize Your Life with Carbon Fiber ]

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