The Simple One Bicycle Is a Bicycle and Shopping Cart in One

simple one bicycle

Urban dwellers, take note! If you’re the type who takes their bicycle around from place to place in your town, and finds yourself at the grocery store often with a backpack full of delicious groceries that you’re just having a really difficult time getting back home, why not investigate the Simple One Bicycle as an option?

The Simple One – even though it’s definitely not the kind of bike you’ll pick up at your local sporting goods store or department store with a bike selection – represents a pretty useful shift in thinking when it comes to getting around in cities. Now you can get to the grocery store and instead of chaining up your bike outside and hooping it’ll be there when you get back, you can fold up your bike and bring it in to the store with you and pack it full of groceries. When you’re finished your shop, just head out, unfold the bike, hop on, and head home.

The Simple One was on display at the Taipei Bicycle Show, and more than a few people took notice of its innovative design:

Made by Taiwan’s Long Antelope Enterprise Company, the Simple One is for the most part just like any other folding bicycle – what makes it special is the fact that when it’s folded up, it can be wheeled into your local grocery store and used as a shopping cart.

The bike’s dual nature is made possible by a bottom bracket-mounted caster wheel. When riding, this wheel flips up and out of the way, not hanging much lower than the bottom of the large chainring. When the bike is folded and used as a cart, the two main bicycle wheels are in front, side-by-side, while the caster wheel flips down and props it up from behind.

When in cart mode, an aligned two-part snap-fastening mechanism located on the front fork and rear chainstay keeps the two bicycle wheels from wandering apart. A unique “neutral gear” device on the chainring keeps the pedals from turning backwards as the rear wheel turns. The user pushes the bike/cart around the supermarket aisles via its handlebars, putting their groceries in its collapsible rear-rack-mounted basket (which is now in front of them).

Head over to Gizmag to see more photos of the Simple One, and to hope – along with the rest of us – that it’ll be available on our shores soon.

[ Gizmag :: Simple One Bicycle Folds to Become a Shopping Cart ]

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