George Takei on the Japan Quake and Tsunami: Gaman

It will take years for Japan to rebuild the infrastructure destroyed in the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami they suffered last week. The damage pales in comparison to the lives lost and the livelihoods destroyed by the disaster.

The bar at the top of the page will take you to the Google Crisis Response page, where you can donate to aid relief efforts and help to bring fresh water and food to people who desperately need it on the ground in Japan. The Japanese government is one of the best prepared in the world for an event like this, and in comparison to what a similar disaster would look like elsewhere in the world – like here at home in the United States, for example, they’ve done remarkably well, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t dozens of thousands of lives shattered and people who desperately need aid.

In the video above, George Takei reaches out and asks for our help and our support. I’ve given mine, I hope you can give yours.

[ George Takei on the Japan Quake and Tsunami: Gaman ]

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