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Green PC

The summer is coming and it’s about time to start thinking about – if you haven’t already – how to keep your energy costs down when the heat goes up and you hit the air conditioner to stay frosty. Well, there are ways to stay green and stay comfortable at the same time – especially when it comes to your technology, and over at PC Mag them mention more than a few.

For example, you can always switch to greener computers if you have the cash to sink into a forklift upgrade of all of the systems in your home, but you can also snag some power-saving surge protectors, get rid of your older, power-inefficient computer gear in exchange for something more energy efficient, and more.

There are some great suggestions in the slideshow – make sure to click through and see which ones will work best for you. Me? I’m planning to snag some apps to help steer me to the best gas prices: it’s getting pretty dicey at the pump these days.

[ Lower Your Energy Costs with Tech ]

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