Skeletonics: Japanese Students Build Power Armor

Skeletronics - Danny Choo

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Danny Choo’s site, and a fan of the personal brand he’s managed to build around himself as an ambassador of Japanese Culture, not to mention technology and the Web.

Well, he stumbled upon something amazing (again!) recently: a group of Japanese students who have already built their own set of powered body armor. Well – it’s not so much “armor” in the protective sense as it’s an exoskeletal frame that’s powered and moves itself as the human inside moves – think of it as a powered suit that works with the motions of the human body.

The US military and tons of high-end research agencies have been working on the tech for decades – making it smaller and lighter and easy enough for soldiers to slip on and run into battle using, or for emergency personnel and first responders to mount into and use to remove rubble from fallen buildings or earthquake stricken areas or lift vehicles and debris off of survivors. Sounds great eh?

What’s impressive is that this group of Japanese students, calling themselves Skeletonics, managed to do this with the resources they have – and they’re students. Young ones. Here’s to them – every now and again I get a reminder that out there somewhere are some good hands to hold our future.

Here’s a video of the suit they built, in action:

Head over to Danny Choo’s site to read more and see more photos like the one above!

[ Danny Choo :: Skeletonics ]

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