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Eight Bit Me

If you’ve noticed some relatively prominent Twitter users and verified accounts using very 8-bit blocky avatars lately, you’re not alone. All of those avatars have been coming out of a new site that lets you build an 8-bit version of yourself, save it, use it on your favorite sites, and create a profile for yourself.

Right now, that’s all it does. But the service is currently invite-only and in beta, and only accepting logins from people who have invite codes. Eventually though – rumor has it on 03/09/2011 – something big will happen and the service will take all of its signed up users and bring them into a game that’s currently being tested but the folks behind it are being tight-lipped about.

What that game is remains to be seen, but right now if you want in, you have to link up to your Twitter account, which seemingly does nothing unless you’re a beta user. We’ll just have to wait and see – but keep your eyes on this one. It might be fun to have an 8-bit avatar…for a little while, anyway.

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