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Everything is a Remix is something of a documentary project that’s done an excellent job of cataloging the fact that so much of the popular culture and media that we’ve enjoyed and cherished in recent years heavily draws upon influences and ideas put forth in earlier works. And by “recent years,” we can go back 30 or 40 if we have to.

The beauty of the Everything is a Remix project is that it draws a very clear and bright line between work being influenced by versus derivative of other work. The latter can be a problem and generally is a bad thing – the former however is completely natural and should be encouraged. Everyone – no matter how “original” they may be perceived or their work reviewed as – is influenced by someone else or something else. It’s impossible to be creative in a vacuum.

So embedded above is Part 2 of the Everything is a Remix project, the one that focuses a great deal on movies – some of the most popular in recent history, like Avatar and Star Wars. Take a look – it’s a great short film, and will really get you thinking about how just because someone is inspired by someone else’s work doesn’t mean they somehow create bad work that’s not really their own.

[ Everything Is A Remix ]

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