Agloves Announces Two for One Valentine’s Day Deal

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If you’re not familiar with Agloves, peep this Gearlog article I wrote about them a little while back – they’re comfortable, warm, and conductive gloves that allow you to use your touch-sensitive devices even while you’re wearing them. This means you don’t have to pull a glove off while you’re standing out in the cold to answer the phone, or to respond to a text message. See how this could be useful? Best of all, unlike a lot of competing products, Agloves work with every part of the glove, not just the fingertips, or a special pad on the finger – the whole glove is conductive.

Here’s what I wrote:

The silver-coated nylon means that you don’t have to have the fingertips of your gloves exposed and you aren’t limited to only using the very tip of your fingers with your touch-sensitive display. The material makes the entire glove a conductor, so you can use multi-touch gestures with all of your fingers or your whole hand if you choose to. Best of all, the uniform knitting means your hands stay nice and warm while you use your phone.

Now, the fine folks at Agloves e-mailed me to let me know that if you’re looking for a way to keep your sweetie’s hands warm for Valentine’s Day, their “Twice the Love” Valentine’s Day bundle is designed for geek guys and girls who want a little something sweet, but can also really appreciate the ability to use their phone without baring their hands first.

The bundle includes: a pair of Agloves, a gourmet Chocolove chocolate bar, and a mini “I (g)love you” card in a beautiful red organza bag. If you haven’t picked up a gift for your smartphone-loving Valentine, this would make a great gift.

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