Motorola Pokes at Apple in New Xoom Teaser Video

Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to the Motorola Xoom as much as the next person, but the tone they’re taking with this new piece – which points fun directly at Apple’s iconic 1984 ad and clearly calls Apple out for its closed and curated App Store and hardware policies – is a little disheartening. They do finally get past the attention-getting part and spend some time telling me what’s good about their product as opposed to what’s bad about their competition – my pet peeve in a lot of advertising – but not enough time in my opinion.

The video is reportedly a teaser for an ad that will air during the Super Bowl this coming Sunday, and I’m more interested in what that video will tell us, and in how much the Motorola Xoom will actually cost: if it’s anywhere near the reported $700 or as much as $800 that’s floating around the Web, I don’t know if any amount of fun-poking ads will be enough to really save the Xoom from itself.

But the ad is kind of cute.

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