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A lot of parents clearly don’t need this – especially some of the ones I know that are just as – if not clearly more so – tech savvy than their offspring, but for those folks who find themselves constantly addressing even the smallest technology issues on a regular basis because they’re “the computer person” in their family, this handy little Web site (actually a Google project!) may come in handy.

Simply fill in the form letter with the name of the person you want to send your note to, set up the little support care package you’re about to send, and then select the YouTube videos you want to send over to your recipient. Whether it’s simple, basic how-tos on how to copy/paste or how to take a screenshot on your computer, or how to set up an e-mail auto-responder or share a large file without overwhelming someone’s inbox, Tech Parents Tech can help get your recipient started with a video tutorial.

The videos are down to earth and very straight-forward, and they don’t assume a great deal of technical knowledge for the viewer to get some benefit from them, so they’re perfect if you’re looking for a way to give someone a visual tutorial without actually being there to do it.

Next time someone in your family calls you up asking how they can make a photo smaller, or how they can view traffic on the Web, now you have a way to help them!

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