Gears and Widgets 2010 Holiday Gift Guide!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, everyone – where we’re all feverishly looking for the perfect gifts for the people in our lives. If you haven’t started your holiday shopping (like me, sad to admit) it’s about time! Oh, but what do you get for the geek in your life that’s looking for a techy present under the tree or in their stockinig this holiday season? Well, I have a few suggestions.

Granted, just like every year, everyone is doing holiday gift guides, but this one is a little different, and a little more fun. Ready? Head behind the jump to see five gift ideas that’ll make any technophile happy this holiday season!

XBox 360 Slim w/Kinect

XBox 360 with Kinect

The XBox 360 Slim is definitely one of the biggest gifts of the season, but the new Kinect accessory is probably even hotter. The new motion sensitive controller is all the rage this year, especially with the launch of so many new games like Kinect Adventures, Sonic Free Riders, and workout games like Biggest Loser and Your Shape for Kinect. You can pick up the whole Xbox 360 Console with Kinect package at Amazon, and it comes with Kinect Adventures.

It’s the perfect gift for the gamer on your list this holiday season, especially if you’d love to get that gamer up off the couch, or if you’re looking for an excuse to get a little exercise but don’t want to give up your gaming habit.

Plush Android

Thinkgeek Plush Android

If you have an Android user on your gift list this holiday season, there could be no better gift than this Android Plush Robot, in all of his plush, cuddly goodness. He’ll cuddle your phone, or just make a statement in your living room that this is an Android hoouse, and iOS devices had better watch themselves.

Best of all, the Android plush is on sale for the holidays, so one can be yours – I mean one can be under the tree for the geek you’re buying for – without having to drop too much cash on it.

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

ThinkGeek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

The Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter from Thinkgeek was an invention of the folks who work there, like a number of their products, and like just about everything they sell, it’s absolutely fantastic.

The Enterprise Pizza Cutter hits that “why didn’t I think of that” vibe in all of our heads, and is an officially licensed Star Trek item. Careful of the saucer section – it’s pretty sharp, but don’t worry about holding it by the nacelles: the whole thing is made of stainless steel, is really sturdy and washes easily. If there’s a Star Trek fan on your shopping list this holiday season, there’s no doubt they’ll love this, and find excuses to order fresh pizza or bake frozen pizza just so they can use it.

iPod Touch w/Camera

iPod Touch with Camera

If you’re looking for the iPhone or iPad experience but you just don’t want to spend the money, this is the best thing you’ll be able to get without spending tons of cash on an iPhone with an AT&T contract, or an iPad with a contract, or even an iPad that’s Wi-Fi only. The Apple iPod touch (4th Generation) sports a camera on the back that takes solid photos and HD video, a tiny form factor that slips into your pocket easily, and runs iOS, so you can download all the apps and games you like.

It’s probably the best way to give the geek on your list all of those fancy apps that everyone’s talking about, tons of free mobile games, the ability to surf the Web and watch video on the go (as long as there’s Wi-Fi,) without simultaneously handing them a contract they’ll have to pay every month.

Boxee Box

Boxee Box

The Boxee Box is Boxee’s long-awaited set-top box that brings 1080p video to your HDTV, streams video and music from the Web and from other computers on your home network, and – before the end of the year – will bring Netflix, Vudu, and hopefully Hulu Plus to your HDTV as well.

The Boxee Box is probably one of the best set-top boxes out there, and brings more features to the table than their immediate competitors, the Roku XDS and the more expensive but supported by fewer networks Logitech Revue with Google TV. Still, they’re all great, and putting a set-top box under the tree for someone special this holiday season will give them the gift of almost limitless entertainment. I just prefer the Boxee software and the Boxee Box.


Zibra Open It!

Of course, when you order all of these things, you’ll need to open their packages – and some of those gadgets and toys will come in those super-annoying clamshells that you could very well injure yourself trying to open. Well, that’s where the Zibra Open It Universal Package Opener comes in.

This little gadget should make its way into everyone’s stockings – especially if any of the gifts that’ll be traded this year come in that horrible packaging. Just grab on to the angled handles, and let the scissor jaws cut through the plastic like paper.

And there you have it – five (really, six) gifts that range in price and will make any technophile a very happy person this holiday season. Most of these gifts are the kind that keep on giving; the kind that will make them remember you long after the holiday season is over, not to mention retain their usefulness.

Sure, you could pick them up a tie, or a gift card, or another digital camera, but why not surprise them with something that’ll keep giving to them and gives them an opportunity to play some some shiny new tech?

So, with that, Happy Holidays to you and yours, and may you see all the geeky gadgets you desire after Santa Claus leaves your home this year!

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