Should You Build or Buy Your Boxee Box?

Boxee Box

Over at Lifehacker, there’s a great breakdown that answers the question that’s been at least plaguing my mind for a few weeks now that the Boxee Box has been released: should I buy one, or just roll my own HTPC and install Boxee as the interface?

Frankly, with the sheer number of Web video and IPTV services that don’t want you to show them on your television (I’m looking at you Hulu) and are actively blocking every set-top box they can possibly identify by browser, including Google TV, Roku, and yes, Boxee, I’m more inclined to build my own so I can bring down Boxee and bring up another UI if one strikes my fancy or I need one that behaves like a desktop computer and doesn’t raise the ire of the networks that only want their online video on small screens.

Still, Lifehacker’s rundown is even-handed, and explains in simple but solid detail that will help you make a solid and informed decision that’s best for the considerations that are important to you specifically.

[ Build or Buy: How to Get the Best Boxee Box for Your Money ]

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