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Our friends down under in Brisbane, Australia have a fantastic little hangout for geeks and gamers alike called the Mana Bar: Australia’s first video game themed bar! Events and parties held at the venue will have video game themes, and all of the house special cocktails are all named after video game characters, titles, places, and so on. For example, you can just as easily walk up to the bar and order a Princess Peach as you can order a martini, but if you’re feeling daring you can walk up and order a Mana Potion or a Health Potion if you need a little refreshment, or even a Purple Tentacle if you’re feeling a little ecchi.

Also, going to the Mana Bar doesn’t mean you just drink tasty beverages inspired by your favorite video games, it means you get to play some of your favorite video games as well! The games rotate out every month, and the bar has on-site XBox 360s, PlayStation 3s, Nintendo Wiis, and even downloadable titles for people with handheld game consoles! If you have a bit more money to spend, you can walk up to the bar, order your next drink, and buy a video game right there on the spot as well.

Before you head out though, check out the dress code page: leave your shorts and thongs at home (unless you’re in cosplay, in which case the Mana Bar apparently welcomes you!) and don’t forget to invite Pikachu! Now, if only I can get down there in time for Steampunk Saturday…

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