PC Mag’s Top 100 Web Sites of 2010

Top 100 Web Sites 2010 PC Mag

Every year, the folks over at PC Mag put together their list of the Top 100 Web Sites of the year, and while it’s not one of those reader-submitted types of roundups (which generally result in the same list of sites year over year), it’s always interesting and a good solid mix of both classic sites that everyone is (or should be) using for their day to day activities on the Web and undiscovered sites that will likely make a huge difference for the folks who are seeing them for the first time.

Among some of the interesting sites on this years list are a few that I find particularly interesting like Critical Past and LocalDirt, the former a site that has thousands of hours of stock historical footage and the latter a site that’s designed to help you find farmer’s markets, co-ops, and CSAs in your area. Some of the classics? The venerable Lifehacker, GDGT, and Epicurious. Best of all, you can download all of the top 100 sites as a file to add to your browser’s bookmarks easily at the end of the article.

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