PC Mag :: 50 Ways to Make the Most of Windows 7

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If you’re running Windows 7, you’re probably right about at that stage where you still love the operating system, would never dream of going back to Windows Vista or Windows XP, but you may not be fully aware yet of all of the tricks and bells and whistles that the operating system has under the hood that can really help you in your day to day computing.

Thankfully PC Mag has this fantastic roundup of 50 tips that can help you really squeeze all of the power and juice out of Windows 7 that you could possibly need, and some of them are enough to make you want to upgrade to Windows 7 if you’re sitting on an older OS for some reason or another.

Among the tips are ways to make sure your system is performing at its peak, and others allow you to tweak and customize the look and feel of the OS so it’s just right for what you do most often. Best of all, a number of the tips work for just about every operating system in some way or fashion, so head over and take a look!

[ PC Mag :: 50 Ways to Make the Most of Windows 7 ]

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