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The amazing ThinkGeek has some amazing new gear, fresh off the design line, some of it built and invented in ThinkGeek’s own labs. I’m a huge fan of ThinkGeek and always have been: there was a time when just about every shirt in my wardrobe was a Thinkgeek shirt and had some kind of slogan on it. Since then, ThinkGeek has expanded its product line a thousand fold, and includes a lot more than just t-shirts, although their t-shirt collection is still all kinds of hot.

For this site highlight, I wanted to take a quick trip through some of their new products that I think are worth picking up, or at least adding to your wishlist:

  • star trek limited edition watch
    Star Trek Limited Edition Watch

    I don’t wear a watch – I use my cell phone to keep time, and if I need to know what time it is I usually just pull my phone out of my pocket and glance at it. That being said though, this is the kind of watch that would make me want to wear a watch all the time – partially because I’m a Star Trek fan and partially because it’s just a gorgeous watch. The face is beautiful, with the delta shield carved out of the back to reveal the gears and spinning innards in all of their bronze and ticking glory. It never needs to be wound and doesn’t take batteries, and it just looks sharp on the wrist.

    Aside from that, the Star Trek Limited Edition Watch truly is a limited edition – only 1701 will ever be made and sold, so if you’re interested in one, I’d strongly suggest dropping the cash on one now, since they won’t be around for much longer!

  • star wars belt buckles
    Star Wars Belt Buckles

    These Star Wars Belt Buckles are perfect to show off your Star Wars fandom without wearing something too over the top. They’re perfect gifts for the Star Wars fan in your household, and since they’re made of die cast metal and attach to just about any standard belt buckle, you don’t have to run out and buy a new belt just to use it.

    Just choose your side: Empire or Rebel Alliance, and buy the buckle that works best for you! I’m not normally a fan of big buckles, but these are well-sized, good looking, and perfect if you wear your shirts tucked in or out over your waist!

  • gravity activated flipmill
    Gravity Activated Flipmill

    I kind of love salt and pepper mills. I have a thing for them, I don’t know why – I don’t collect them or anything, but these ones I think I simply have to have. Just turn them over and they get to work, automatically grinding the salt or pepper that’s in them and dishing out your selected spice all over the food, waiting patiently below.

    Best of all, they cater to the lazy because you can do it all with a single hand – you don’t need to hold with one hand and twist with the other, or push a button, or anything like that – just flip the mill over!

  • mechanical kitty coin bank
    Mechanical Kitty Coin Bank

    This is probably the most adorable coin bank I’ve ever seen. Just put the coin on the little fish holder, and the kitty pops out of the bank, snags your coin, and then absconds back into his little box, keeping your coins safe until you need them for something. But then again, the whole point of a bank is that your money goes in and doesn’t come out – and fierce little kitty is so adorable you probably won’t ever want to open the bank up and take your money from him, so it’s perfect to help you save!

    The bank is straight from Japan, so don’t mind the text on the side of the box being in Japanese. Also, the kitty is available in brown or white, so snag the one you think is cutest.

  • twist equation alarm clock
    Twist Equation Alarm Clock

    If you’re the type who needs a little mental stimulation when you wake up in the morning, or at the very least you’re the type who hits snooze endlessly and winds up being late for everything, this clock is for you. When the alarm goes off, you’ll have to solve the mathematical equation on the front before the alarm stops and leaves you in peace. Ideally, by that time you’ll be awake enough to actually know that you shouldn’t just roll over and go back to sleep – your conscience will have kicked in and you’ll know it’s time to get up and get yourself together.

    The math here is no slouch, either – it’s not going to be the same thing every day, so don’t expect this to keep you awake one day and then be just a more intricate snooze button every other day – this is a pretty good way to get yourself out of bed in the morning and keep your brain sharp in the process!

There you have it! A little something for everyone – and definitely some gear that’s made its way onto my ThinkGeek wishlist. If you like these suggestions, please consider buying through my links above; your purchase helps support Gears and Widgets when you buy after clicking through from here!

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