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Gateway FX6831-01

if you’re the type of person who’s looking to buy a PC instead of build one, or maybe you’ve already built a computer and you just want to go ahead and buy your next rig instead of spend the time and energy looking for components and putting them together, PC Mag has an excellent guide on how to pick the right pre-built desktop for you and your needs.

Obviously there are the things you should think about regardless of the type of user you are – getting enough drive space, making sure you get a processor that’s up to date, and then considering whether or not you can do with a nettop, or whether you need a high-end multimedia or gaming PC, and then of course, the courtesy warning about bloatware and all of the other junk that most manufacturers include in their retail systems.

Head over for some well heard pieces of advice, and some highly rated systems from the editors!

[ PC Mag :: How to Buy a New PC ]

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