PC Mag :: The Fastest ISPs in the US 2010

PCMag - Fastest US ISPs

In the same vein as The Fastest Mobile Networks 2010, PC Mag has now tested the fastest Internet Service Providers around the country to come up with a list of ISPs give you the most bandwidth and the most speed regardless of where in the United States you live.

The lowdown and the straight answer is clear and should be obvious to everyone who’s paid any attention to ISPs in the past several years – the fastest national ISP is Verizon FIOS. Not their DSL service, which I think everyone understands is universally awful, but FIOS. Cable providers took the number two and three spots, but Comcast didn’t make an appearance until number four.

The picture definitely changes though depend on where in the United States that you live – the survey breaks down the country into regions and includes some regional ISPs as well as national ones, and depending on where you live the results might be a little surprising. Again, keep in mind that the PC Mag crew was testing for speed, not necessarily availability, price/performance (bang-for-your-buck), or reliability – just who you should sign up with if they’re available where you are for the fastest possible connection you can get. They also list some average connection prices in the story as well, so you can see how much you should be spending on your ISP on average.

[ PC Mag :: The Fastest ISPs in the US 2010 ]

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