Quirky Makes Cable Management Easy

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I recently got turned on to a company called Quirky, which makes interesting community-designed products and gear via press release, and found a couple of gadgets that I thought were interesting enough to highlight.

First, the PowerCurl (shown above) designed to keep your laptop power cable (or really, just about any other peripheral’s cable) neatly corded and in brick form instead of strewn across your floor.

The PowerCurl retails from Quirky’s site for $14.99 USD, and is designed specifically for power brick that ships with a Macbook or Macbook Pro, but it can be adapted to just about any device with a long power cord. If you do have a Macbook or Macbok Pro, you get the benefit of being able to slip your power brick into the center of the PowerCurl to keep it elevated from the surface of your desk or the floor, and then to curl the cable around the outside, leaving exposed only the amount of cable you need to plug in your Mac on either end, keeping the rest neatly bundled.


For those of you looking for less of a power-based solution and just a way to keep your cables from sliding off or around your desk, or for a way to keep your cables all in the same place instead of sliding through that annoying slot between the back of your desk and the wall, Cordies may do the trick.

They’re a bit more affordable, only $9.99 USD, but they still serve an important purpose, and that’s keeping your cables where you want them, instead of wherever they naturally think they want to go. Works just as well for a charging station where you want your cables at the ready for when you need them, or the back of a desk to keep all of your cables funneled through a single point.

The really great think about Quirky’s gear is that it’s all community driven and suggested – you give them an idea of an interesting or unique product that’s just begging to be made, and they’ll make it…and they even share some of the revenue with you.

One thought on “Quirky Makes Cable Management Easy

  1. Deinera

    Oh! I love that little green thing! I might have to pick one of those up. I currently have that sort of stuff in little circle piles in the same general area on the desk. I lose desk real estate, sure, but it keeps them from falling off in the back. That’s super handy!

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