Apple Updates the Mac Mini

Mac Mini 2010 Update

Apple surprised everyone yesterday and announced a sweeping update to the Mac Mini, one of its most dejected and neglected platforms, adding an SD slot, HDMI ports, an easy-open bottom, and updated graphics and processors to the mini desktop, making it more and more a perfect candidate for an HTPC that slides well into your entertainment center or a small-but-powerful desktop that’s perfect for general use or if you’re just looking for a compact desktop PC that’s affordable with decent features.

Among the upgrades? The new aluminum body design, the addition of the SD card, the HDMI port, super-low power usage, and a built-in power supply (so it doesn’t have a massive brick hanging out the back of it), all of which are impressive for a machine its size and in its category. The folks at PC Mag loved it so much they gave it 4/5 stars and the Editor’s Choice award for its class of desktop computer.

Only down-side? No Blu-Ray drive in the box, or support for one in Mac OS, which is unfortunate. Still, we all know Apple hasn’t embraced Blu-Ray yet, although it’s just a matter of time.

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