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The beauty of knowing someone whose passion it is to play with, examine, and test mobile phones and test the networks they run on and call out the carriers that sell them as Sascha Segan, of PC Mag, is knowing that when he does some comprehensive testing, it’s worth looking at.

Now, Sascha has traveled to 18 different cities and tested the cellular networks in each of them from all of the major carriers on multiple devices to test their 3G coverage, their 4G coverage, their standard coverage, their data networks, their voice networks, and all of their features. If you’ve ever wanted to know who really has the best network – especially since all of the carriers will tell you in their commercials that they do – this is the comprehensive study that will tell you what’s up, and not just what’s up in general – what’s up where you live.

For example, and I don’t mind spoiling this, the survey found out that AT&T has the fastest mobile network on average across the country. The trouble with AT&T having the fastest network is that you can hardly get onto it in a number of cities because of the network congestion and the lack of signal since AT&T largely hasn’t invested in making its network more robust. Even though AT&T was the fastest, in my backyard the study found that Verizon was the most consistent with the best signal and converage at all times.

What will it show for your neck of the woods? Head over and find out!

[ PC Mag :: The Fastest Mobile Networks 2010 ]

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