The Gear Ring: For the Geeky Love in Your Life

gear ring

This absolutely stunning ring is perfect if you have a geek in your life that can appreciate a little personal flair that a ring like this would add to their wardrobe. Alliteratively, if you want to give the co-geek in the engineering department of your heart a very special gift, this ring will definitely hit the spot, and it’s not horrifically expensive either – at $165, it may be the cheapest but most personal promise/engagement/wedding band you’ve ever bought or seen in your life, but if you and your partner share the same interests (and I hope you do!) it might be the best.

The beauty of the Gear Ring is that it’s stainless steel so it won’t tarnish easily, and the size precision gears that are laid around the band of the ring actually turn in unison with one another, like a perfectly tuned machine! To get the gears to turn, just twist the outer rims and watch the magic happen. From everyday techy geeks to steampunk fans, this very well may be the perfect gift.

[ Kinekt Design :: The Gear Ring ]

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