PC Mag :: How to Buy the Right Headphones


It’s been a year since PC Mag visited their guide, How to Buy the Right Headphones, and now they’re back with a revised version of the guide with new headphones and new reviews and new tips for people looking not only to replace the likely-cruddy earbuds that came with their digital music player but also looking for solid sound quality, noise cancellation, high-end performance, or durability and affordability.

From some serious Sonys to some very quiet Boses to some swanky Sennheisers, the guide walks you through the various types of headphones and earbuds you can buy depending on what you’re looking for. If you have to have the portability of earbuds, there are suggestions for you. If you’re huge on circumaural headphones, there are suggestions for you too. Take a look at the guide and see what works best for the device you have and the budget you’re willing to set!

[ PC Mag :: How to Buy the Right Headphones ]

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